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    Drop Gun Pickup Tomorrow

    Monday morning at ERPS, you can resupply your trunk with drop guns, replicas and BB guns just in time for the summer rush. Where do they all come from?

    • Of the 4,050 firearms traded in for gift cards, there were 55 assault weapons and 3,335 handguns, along with 660 replicas, according to the Office of Police News Affairs.
      During the first half hour of the gun buyback program this morning, more than a thousand weapons were turned in, officials said. The department offered up to $100 for weapons handed over.
      In announcing the early results and encouraging others to take part in the day-long event, Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis announced that 1,335 guns were turned in during the first half hour, including what looked like two hand grenades.
      "What are we doing with hand grenades in Chicago?" Weis asked, incredulous.
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