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In case any of you guys are interested, I have some work camper positions available at my campground here in West, TX. (18 miles north of Waco). For those who have never heard the term, a work camper is an employee of a campground who works a certain number of hours at the campground in exchange for an RV site. To be a work camper you must be a full time RV'er, own your own RV, and live in your camper on one of my RV sites while you work here. One of the benefits of being a work camper is that the IRS does not require you to include the value of the RV site as income. Being a work camper will not interfere with any form of disability or other government money you are receiving.

All positions have the same compensation. Work campers work 15 hours per week in exchange for a full hook up RV site ($450 value) and up to $100 of electric each month. If your electric bill is over $100 you will be responsible for paying the overage. Work campers also have full use of the swimming pool and access to the free wi-fi internet. There is a brand new huge Scott and White hospital 15 minutes away. There is also a veterans hospital in Waco. There is a super Walmart 15 minutes away both north and south of the RV Park. We are any size pet friendly.

Position 1: I need someone who knows how to fix broken pvc water lines, leaky faucets, simple electric like replacing breakers at RV sites, replace shower liner in bathrooms, lay tile on floor, etc. I guess that person would be considered a jack of all trades. You will need to keep a list of items that need work and mark items off that list as you fix them. When fires pop up you should be willing to drop what you are doing to help put out the fire. An example of a fire would be a motorhome leaving their water hose hooked up to the faucet at their site, and then driving away. The faucet gets snapped off the water pipe and water is shooting 8 feet in the air from the broken pipe. That has to be handled immediately, because everybody in the park will lose pressure.
The position requires 15 hours of work per week. Compensation will be a complimentary full hook up RV site each month and up to $100 of electric each month.

Position 2: I need someone to answer the phone, check in guests, and offer our customers a friendly and helpful customer service experience. This position does NOT require physical strength or endurance. We have an air conditioned front office that houses our check in desk, so this is an indoor position.
This position requires 15 hours of work per week. Compensation will be a full hook up RV Site and up to $100 of electric.

Position 3: I need someone to help with grass mowing and grass trimming. I have a 61" scag zero turn riding mower, so the only area that has to be push mowed is around the swimming pool and between the RV sites. 90% of the mowing can be done with the scag.
This position requires 15 hours of work each week. Compensation is a full hook up monthly RV site and up to $100 of electric.

If you are interested in one of the positions, then please give me a call or shoot me a text. (817) 929-7636. I need help immediately.

Our website is

My name is Charles

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I've known some men that would jump at this type opportunity....of course that was
years ago when I was dealing or fratnenizing with those style of guys... Your location
seems really great...I used to go to such a 'camp ground' near Oxnard California and
do main sewer cleaning was a busy but friendly place....this was in the 70's
after I'd retired from the navy...many times I'd have to recommend that their septic
tanks needed pumping....if any of you campers know of this site of which I speak,
the little area was called El Rio...Chief

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We did the work camp thing for a couple of years, once in an amusement park in Iowa, and then in Custer State Park. It was fun but we decided it was more fun to not work.
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