I hit the lottery!!!

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    Well, not really, but I did DURN GOOD! I was talkin' ta Doc last week about buyin' myself an S&W 66. This week comes and I ran into a good deal. I was able to put the funds together(some serious scrimpin')to get TWO, COUNT 'EM, TWO Ruger P-89's. Heck, for $775 out the door, who could resist! One black slide and one stainless! Man, I'm one happy camper!!!!! Anyhow, What's the deal with mags for these things? I know they're everywhere, but who's got the goods at the right price? are Promags worth bothering with? Hell, I'm so used to Milsurp and Browning designs that I've always been able to buy military mags for cheap!
    Thanks for listening.
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    YO- MO. I have a place here that sells mags wholsale for the p-89, when they have them in stock, about 9 to 12 dollars each. If you think the price is right, I will send you the information.

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    I know this is off the subject,but I have mini-14 that I have
    once again,dumped a lot of money in to get it to shoot some
    right tiny groups.I use ProMag 10rnd'r in it and have NEVER had one not feed.As I'm sure some of you know almost all
    aftermarket mags,with the exception of PMI's,Ruger Factory
    Hi-Caps,and some John Masen mags,do not work very good in a mini-14.I don't know about a mini-30.I do know when I can I'll get PMI 10's or ProMags.Now where were we?????,bg