i knew it was to good to be true

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    doc is right again ,that woman at armalite don't know what she is talking about

    Mr. G*******: Thank you for contacting our website. As stated on our
    Website, we do not usually respond to technical questions via e-mail, but I
    spoke to our Firearms Technology Branch (FTB) and was told the following:

    "The Armalite AR-15 identified in the curio or relic list is a machinegun
    that was manufactured by Armalite in California prior to 1960. The
    semiautomatic AR-15's made by the new Armalite company in Illinois are not
    curios or relics. A licensed collector cannot acquire a semiautomatic
    Armalite receiver in interstate commerce. An AR-15 "upper receiver" is not
    a firearm and may be acquired by anyone in interstate commerce."

    If you have any further questions, please call our FTB on 202-927-7910 for
    clarification. Regards,


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    It's not that bad after all is it ???!!!!

    Might as well buy the real thing !!!!

    Anyone know where there is one for sale?? I have 8 bills saved up .

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    Now just how hard was that to figure out???? Hum? They started the project in 1952 and it was tried and tested in 1957. It was never a "civilian" made semi-auto, it was a full-auto military weapon and designed as such.....hence it`s listing.....THEY DON`T EXSIST IN GREAT NUMBERS!!!! So make them C&R.....just try to find a complete one, as you cannot make one from parts..........GHEESH!!!! WOMEN?????? Thats why they just should answer the phone and one other thing.......well maybe two...........
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