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I Need Help - Ithaca M1911A1

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I was at a friends the other day and he decided to show me his gun collection which he keeps in his damp basement. He pulled out an old holster that contained this Ithaca, While trying to hide my excitement I asked if he would be willing to sell it. His answer was yes but didn't know the value. I have quite a few modern guns but have been looking for an older 1911. Which brings me to why I'm posting here, I don't know what to offer him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think these pictures should help.

Thanks in advance.


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Well, it was manufactured in 1943 according to the Blue Book. In 98% condition, they list it at $2200.00. I noticed the British markings. This may change things. I dont know. Im not a 1911 expert but Im sure we have some here who can tell you about that.
Thanks for the reply, I don't think it's anywhere near 98%. I hope someone can help me with this.
Hi jimf Welcome to TFF!!
The ser.# puts this into 1943-1945 made by Ithaca for Colt.
The ser # puts it into the 2nd assembly run of Ithaca for Colt so I would say it was made in or around late 1943 early 1944.
The brit. stamp is there because colt sold some of these and others to them for the war.
I need to see a pic from the back of the gun looking at the hammer.(I am looking for a arsenal rework stamp)
This pistol looks like it was redone at some point.
If this is original and not reworked then it is worth between $1,000-$1,500.
But around here(Ithaca NY) it could bring up to $2,000 to someone looking for one.
But again this is if it is original not reworked but it does look in too good of condition for that.
Thanks for the info Mike, Here's a picture of the hammer area.


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Is there any stamp behind ware the hammer is hiding?
If it was reworked the stamp would be on the left side of hammer on the slide or on the left side of slide right in front of the hammer?
No there's no stamp anywhere near the hammer.
OK then it was not reworked by a arms factory so my guess of value is close.
But with out having it in my hands I can not tell if it was redone.
It is a very nice pistol and I am sure I could get close to $2,000 in the shop from a local who wants it.I live right outside of Ithaca NY and people will pay just about anything to buy any Ithaca guns.
If you get it let me know how it shoots.
Remember it is worth what someone will pay for it.
I have it now, I'm just not sure what I should offer for it.
Now you are talking about how much it is worth too how much you will pay for it.
If you can tell that it has not been refinished then a good price would be $1,100 but a fair price would be around $1,200-$1,400.
$1,500 is a price if it was 90%.
$1,100 is around the 70%.
$1,200 is the 80% number
Now comes the question what will he take and how much do you have to spend keeping in mind that all gun prices are up due to demand.
Thanks for your help Mike, I'll let you know after I take it to the range today and make him an offer.
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