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I have been wanting a 22 LR beater gun to leave at my ranch camp for snakes and rabbits and such. just a walking around gun and something I can lean up against a tree and if it falls over, I won't care

I already have 4 Ruger 10/22s and they are all a little too nice and not what I want for this need
I spotted a stainless 10/22 for $200 with a scope at a pawn shop, I could have bought for about $190 I think, but it just didn't have the cash to spend at the moment and it was gone 3 days later

it didn't take too long to figure out that decent used 10/22s are not easy to find and they cost within $25 of what you can buy a new one for

thats when I remembered the Marlin model 60 but I don't care for a tube mag
not as easy to unload when you are going indoors and back outdoors alot

then I saw the Marlin 795

I have looked at this gun and not given it much attention at all. This was my mistake. For $150 new, you can't beat it if what you are looking for is a light weight, accurate, magazine fed auto loader.

I love this thing and can see myself owning a few more in the near future

what types of things have you guys done to your 795s?

there seems to be alot of people doing all sorts of upgrades

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I'll save you some work...I've got three 795 variants posted in my pics...
One in a Well P-90 stock, one in a Muzzlelite Bullpup, and one in a Ramline model 70 folder...
second column, next to my Wifey's Pink Marlin 60 is the Well-P90 with the rest next to 'em.

There's a guy who goes by the name Defcon on other sites who has done even MORE with 795's...

Another guy (JB911) stuffed a 795 into a M1 stock & added Tech Sights...looks just like an M1!!
The Marlin 989-M2 is an earlier father of the 795, made to be M-1-like...
the 989/989M2/70(no"P")/70HC/995 are all predecessors of the 795...
the Marlin 70P/70PSS are breakdown versions with a screw-off barrel, still in production and very popular for campers/hikers/backpackers/etc

You are only limited by your imagination...anything you can stuff a 1022 in, you can do a Marlin 795...its 1/2" less wide...
so it actually fits Better in a Well P90 and other airsoft stocks than the 1022 does...

What's really going to shock you is how precise they can be...the Marlin Microgroove barrel has 12 lands & grooves,
which more or less require a nice fat bullet for most precise results...they tend to perform very well with CCI Minimags & other fatties ;)
Try out a few brands of ammo, break out a micrometer if you've got one & measure the best grouping brands...

Skip Remington Rimfire ammo...they stink for reliability...far too many short powder/no powder (squib) loads...

Clean it like an AR-15, as in, after every range visit/hunting trip, clean the action...
precision shooting means tight tolerances...hence the AR-15 reference...
the 1022 is the AK of the rimfire world...not as precise, but very dirt-friendly...
the Marlins are the AR's...very precise, but intolerant of grime...

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If you're looking more for function in your mods, you should probably look into the MCARBO spring kit found on Ebay. Lightens up the trigger considerably. While you've got it apart, take the time to polish up the internals. Using 1000 grit sandpaper you can clean up the bolt and remove paint over-spray from inside the receiver. Some have said they had problems inserting and removing the magazines. I lightly sanded the magwell with 1000 grit. Just enough to clean it up, and mag changes are easy. Diversified Innovative Products offers an upgrade trigger and trigger guard that have gotten good reviews. By now you've gotten away from the "cheap beater" concept, so I'll plug the beautiful Boyd's laminate stocks (~$99) for a nice drop-in replacement.

Check out some of the threads on in the Marlin Semi-Automatic sub-forum for more detailed info.
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