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(4/23/01 8:03:48 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All I really wish........
......that all the boards and forums I post on were as civilized as this one!

There are few areas of discussion more controversial or subject to differing opinion as Military History.....and yet here, without rancor or flaming, we all seem to be able to disagree politely and in a respectful manner!

WHAT A NEAT PLACE TO COME TO! Thanks guys & gals!

Bob In St Louis
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(4/23/01 6:33:00 pm)
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Did you know someone put a little sign on your back that says "Kick Me"?
Support the Dead Party, vote Harry S. Truman for Missouri Senate in 2002!

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(4/23/01 11:07:47 pm)
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Bob - Shhhhhhhh!
(Keep him distracted while I whit my knife a little more!)
Keep off the Ridgeline!!

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(4/25/01 8:15:47 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del Thanks back at ya!
Yeah, history knowledge CAN be just like guns or cars...too many times it turns into a "pee up the wall" "I know more than you" contest.

I learned long ago that there is ALWAYS someone out there who read more than you about a specific topic, or worse yet, just when you think you know EVERYTHING about, say, Shermans, some guy shows up who was a bowgunner on a M4A1 in '45!

Don't EVER shy away, don't be afraid to "gently" correct somebody, you may be the absolute EXPERT on the particular subject we all can learn from. Or else, you may have read or heard or experienced something even the biggest know-it-all hasn't and even add to his knowledge. NOBODY can know everything about anything!

If we "engage" we all win. And we all learn!

I love MilHistory, if you can't tell. I love talking about it, unfortunately my wife isn't interested, and my son, who is, is usually too "busy" most of the time.

I just love to talk with other people who share my passion. I apologize if I talk too much or seem like that "know-it-all." I don't!

And I forget stuff all the time, too! Correct me all you want! I never get upset unless it's at myself!
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