I traded for 4 muzzle loaders today in one odd deal!!

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    May 10, 2004
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    Update, I traded for 4 muzzle loaders today in one odd deal!! Update, fifth one toay!

    I traded for a Hopkins & Allen under hammer today as well at the same shop!
    All 5 are 45 caliber! I also got a new TC Encore 209/45 stainles with 2 used blue barrels, 22-250 with rings and a 300 Win Mag with a $300 scope on it. All these trades and most all muzzle loaders! By the way I got a Nikon scope on the Encore 209/45. Man is my collection growing. Might have to look for a place to live, my wife has told me we are running out of room. I have a couple hundred guns stored at her parents house as well as others scatterd at other family members homes. hat does not count the 300 to 500 here at my home! Reckon I have enough to use for retirement yet?

    I traded for 4 front stuffers today and 2 were flinters. Below is a description of them as I stated in the "ask the experts" area on brand X as to prices. The 4th one is a side hammer percussion, the hammer is located on the side and cocks by pulling it outwards! I will post pictures later of them. Well here is my ask info so help me out if you can please, sorry though, ol lady said just info on guns because she cannot afford the mental help I d!!!!!

    1.J. Hall, I believe it is John, Jon, or Jack, it is a t least 60" long overall and is 45 cal caplock with full stock.

    2.Harvey L. Underwood Evensville In., it is at least 60" long, 45 cal., flint, and fullstock but the barel is on at least 1&1/8" flats!!!(really heavy)

    3.Paul R. Jones 1992, it is at least 60" long, 45 cal., flint, and fullstock.

    Anyone know these makers and an idea,ball park, as to the worth of thens rifles.

    The Hall rifle has extensive relief carving and inlays, even an ivory inlay with an eagle scrimshawed on it!


    Thanks for any input at all.
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  2. Craig

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    Did you find them in Ohio?
    If I ever get into blackpowder, I would like to get one of the old flintlocks.
    The only time I shot one, it was an "old" Pa. long gun in 36 cal.

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    Years ago, I traded a bunch of custom built muzzleloaders for a new bass boat. I hope you didn't give them away.
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