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(7/3/01 3:22:46 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All I want info on shooting stances...
I want info on shooting stances either online, magazine, or book form (i prefer online) that shows different diagrams of stances and techniques. Please advise, thanks !!! P.S. the stances i am requesting are for pistol shooting in and out doors with a 1911 style pistol.

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(7/3/01 3:36:12 pm)
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Welcome to our board!

First there was a thread on the subject here:

And her is a site that has something for you.

Download a sample clip:


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(7/3/01 3:49:07 pm)
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Welcome to the board Zingerr.

For shooting stance stuff, look at the bottom of this page. You'll see a google search engine, type in Shooting Stances. It'll show you a lot of different sources for shooting stances.
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(7/3/01 4:36:36 pm)
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Re: I want info on shooting stances...
Welcome Aboard yzingerr!

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(7/3/01 10:42:30 pm)
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My worthless advice is to learn and practice both the Isoceles, and the Weaver. There are circumstances in competition you will use both. For example, if I ever go prone, I use the Weaver or something imilar, and use my arm like a rifle stock to rest my cheek.

I prefer the Isoceles for standing, it's more natural for me, but also easier to engage multiple or moving targets without moving your feet.

Square to the target, both arms out like an equal triangle to the shoulders, That way when you rotate the hips to the LEFT, to engage targets to the left, or moving left, you naturally "evolve" into a Weaver. Since the .45 naturally recoils up and to the right, you will be "wrestling" it back on target, easier in the Weaver.

When you rotate right, it turns into a kind of "reverse" Weaver, but still surprisingly solid, but since the gun is naturally recoiling that way, it comes naturally.

This I was taught has ramifications for the street if you are an LEO, you can engage targets from due right 90* from your position, to almost directly behind you to the left, without shifting your feet, pretty quickly. While I never had to use it on the street, TG, it works great for Action Pistol Moving Target Matches.

SO practice them both, use the one mainly that you feel comfortable with, along with a good Bullseye onehanded stance, because odds are if you need to use it your other hand may be occupied, and you should be used to doing it with one hand. Also practice weak hand only, I just cant the gun to use my dominant eye easier, and be sure to anchor the free hand to your chest or belt or something, or it will be "flapping in the breeze" and making the gun move around.

JMHO, others may have different or better advice. Try it all, do what feels comfortable and/or results in a better score...note that the two (Comfort, Score) MAY not be the same one!!! For example, from a draw, I naturally some-how come into a Weaver, have to "Think" my way into the Isoceles, from which I shoot better.

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