I wonder just how small this world is...ever heard, "Bobby! Get Down!"?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bluesea112, Aug 29, 2007.

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    I wonder how small this world really is, so I thought I would use the following to find out:

    I hunted for many, many years on a large private Dove lease in North Texas. During the 20+ years I hunted there, I met a lot of good people and developed some lasting friendships. I just wonder if I crossed paths with any of you on that lease? If the following sounds familiar, give me a shout.
    About 18 years ago, a new guy was invited to join our dove lease, and he had a son named Bobby. Bobby was about 9 years old, and his daddy saw fit to let Bobby carry his own 12 gauge. There is no other way to say this, other than to say that Bobby was spastic. The kid started running the second his feet hit the field, and his trigger finger followed his feet. All afternoon and into the evening, Bobby would run 5 steps and squeeze the trigger. Ruuuuun - Bang Ruuuuun - Bang. Between Bobby's shotgun blasts, you would hear his dad shouting "Bobby, Damn it! Get down! Get down Bobby!". This went on from the time they arrived (about 5:00pm) until sundown. Unfortunately, every time Bobby "got down" he would level his shotgun out horizontal to the ground with trigger finger still blasting away. Bobby's time on the lease was short lived, but his name lived on forever.
    Even after 18 years, you can still stand in the pre-dawn darkness on opening morning at that dove lease, and you will hear an occasional distant voice break the silence with "Bobby! Get down!"

    So how small of world do we live in? Have any of you heard the infamous, "Bobby, get down!"?
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