ID this 22 rifle?

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    Reply ID this 22 rifle?
    I just acquired an older .22 rimfire rifle from a friend. It is a single shot, bolt action that you must pull a knob at the back of the bolt to arm. It is marked >>>ARROWHEAD>>>22 S- L- LR coast to coast stores.

    Can anyone tell me any history on this gun? Was it made for a store chain? By whom?

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    Reply | Edit Is it this one?...
    Does it look like this from the top...?

    If so it is a Model X by Iver Johnson, sold through "Coast to Coast" stores...mfg 1928-1932...

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    Yes, that is what it looks like. My bolt is really messed up. Looks like it was out of the weapon for a while and rusted. That is probably a match. Can parts still be ordered from anyone?

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    try but you will need a maker and model number for the corect parts.
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