If you don't vote like a gun owner, YOU SUCK!

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    May 10, 2004
    Dillon Precision Products, Inc.

    By Peter Caroline

    According to most estimates, there are between 75 and 80 million adult gun owners in the United States. That's more people than voted in the last presidential election. So why is it, when there are so many gun owners, that we are not the DOMINANT voting bloc in this country? Because most of that 75-80 million are stupid, lazy, hypocritical barfbags. Well, I'd like to say something to that group.

    Sure, you drive around in a pickup truck with a gunrack and some hairy-chested bumper stickers, and you talk big at the gun shop or the Legion Hall. But will you shell out 35 bucks and join the NRA? Oh, you don't agree with the NRA's stance on this or that, or the NRA is too soft on something or too unyielding on something else? Or maybe long ago the NRA didn't send you your free cap or bullet key ring on time. Well, you know what? That's a dumb cop-out and you're an asshole. Whether you like it or not, the NRA is the only...I repeat ONLY, effective representation you have in the cesspool of Washington politics. Even the NRA's worst enemies -- YOUR worst enemies if you have the capacity to think about it -- agree that it's one of the most powerful lobbying forces on Capitol Hill. That means no one else fights your battles for you better, and if you don't understand that simple fact, you're too dumb to exist! download a text copy of this article
    If you don't vote like a gun owner, YOU SUCK
    Then there's my old home state of Massachusetts. Over one million Massachusetts gun owners must be really proud to claim Teddy Kennedy as their senator. And John Kerry, the Kennedy clone, is no better. The entire Massachusetts congressional delegation, both gay and straight, is anti-gun. And you Bay State gun owners are the dildoes that put them in office! Because you sat on your fat asses, you've got Chapter 180 -- aptly named because it turns your gun rights around 180 degrees -- and you've got an attorney general who wants to be governor and thinks every handgun is a faulty consumer product. Once again, Massachusetts gun owners, where were you on Election Day?

    OK, you don't give a damn about the NRA but you still want to keep your guns. So why, in the name of all that is holy, do you vote for "gun-ban" candidates? Oh, you don't? So who does? Maybe it's all those other people who were voting while you were sucking a brewski and watching the game on TV. Or maybe you're a good union guy, and the union votes Democrat. If you don't vote in the next election, your enemies will elect a president who will be able to name three or four new Supreme Court Justices
    Look at every state with asinine, repressive gun laws and a preponderance of anti-gun politicians -- California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland...to cite several horrible examples -- and you will find enough gun owners to form an unbeatable voting bloc, IF they would get their thumbs out of their butts and vote, for a change. Jeez, what a concept!

    Some years ago, Mario Cuomo, a dedicated anti-gunner who happened to be governor of New York, described gun owners in a most uncomplimentary fashion. But the most damning thing he said about gun owners is that they don't vote, and therefore should not be considered as a factor in any election. How about that? Mario Cuomo is a liberal Democrat and, as such, is wrong about most everything, but he's absolutely right about you. And I can prove it. If you non-voting gun owners in New York State did get off your asses and vote like gun owners, obscenities like Mario Cuomo couldn't even be elected as dog catcher. The same goes for Charles Schumer; he wasn't bad enough as a congressman from Brooklyn; you dumb schmucks had to let him become a senator! What's next...Hillary?
    We all know the excuses: I'm too busy, my vote doesn't count, they're all crooks and it doesn't make any difference, I gave $5 to Quail Unlimited so I don't need to vote, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, here's the bottom line...your vote does not count if you don't use it. If you don't vote, then effectively you are on the same side as Rosie (I'm-not-a-hypocrite) O'Donnell, Sarah Brady, Bill and Hillary, Al Gore, Teddy Kennedy, Charles Schumer and every other low-life bottom feeder who knows what's best for you. If you don't vote like a gun owner, you are a butt-boy for the anti-gunners, and you bend over forward to please them.

    Think about it. 75-80 million gun owners in this country; only 3.6 million NRA members, and who knows how many active pro-gun-voting gun owners. You can argue all you want about your inalienable rights. Rights are like body parts; they only work if you exercise them. And yours are looking pretty flaccid right now. If you don't vote in the next election, your enemies will elect a president who will be able to name three or four new Supreme Court justices. Which means that by the 2004 election, you will have no guns. And shortly after that, you will have no vote and no rights. And you know what? If you let that happen, it will be exactly what you deserve!

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    Aug 27, 2005
    Bay Point, Kali..aka Gun Point
    This article is a few years old, but so very relevent..

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    Oct 6, 2004
    Central NJ
    I have found that for the most part pro gun politicians share other veiws with me. I never will understand how those who vote for liberals can be pro gun? Liberals have no problem with taking your hard earned wealth and giving it to those who don't produce anything but babies. How can you not realize that those some folks who so easily take your money will also take away your 2A rights just as easily?
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    Jul 28, 2005
    Very true...I was hesitant to join the NRA for many years because I didn't feel I could use many of their benefits, but I finally got fed up with the liberals so I joined. Just the sense of pride I feel knowing the most powerful pro gun organization in the country is defending my rights made it worthwhile. While I sometimes question some their actions, they do hold the most political power of any pro gun group so they are our best shot. I've also been writing my representatives on gun related issues to make sure my opinions are known and I vote as often as I'm able. Every firearm owner in this country should get involved, you can make a difference.

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    Oct 9, 2006
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    My buddy , the door gunner, and I were in the Legion an hour ago.

    I told him about a t-shirt I saw on the T-shirts from hell web site.

    A pic of Osama & Hitlery that said "you have no choice , vote Republican.

    He said "there are 11 people at the bar right now, I'll bet we are the only 2 Republicans....."

    I have yet to see a combat vet that was a democrat....wonder why that is....????
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