IJ 32 caliber identification

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    Aug 18, 2009
    I am new to this forum and have read many of the interesting threads on the IJ pistols. I have a IJ 32 caliber in excellent condition that used to be my grandfathers. The serial number under the left grip reads I18403. I don't think it has ever been fired. Can anyone tell me when it was manufactured and what it might be worth?

    I also have a box of 50 Winchester 32 caliber center fire, smokeless bullets. They were found together in my grandfathers house after he passed away, I assume these bullets are for this revolver. The box has a "K3272T stamped on the side.

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    small frame 32 S&W caliber safety automatic hammer revolver serial number I18403 was manufactured in 1940, there were only 850 of this model manufactured that year.

    (Smokeless Powder Cartridges)--------------------1909-1941
    LARGE FRAME AND SMALL FRAME VERSIONS USES HAMMER THE HAMMER ACTION: Double top post barrel latch with Hammer the Hammer action. This model redesigned to be strong enough for smokeless powder. All coil springs, hard rubber grip panels with Owls head at top, optional oversize grips of hard rubber or wood were offered. Two frame sizes, four calibers, Standard barrel length: small frame 3 inches, large frame 3 ¼ inches. Calibers: small frame .22 rimfire 7 rounds cylinder capacity, .32 centerfire 5 rounds cylinder capacity, large frame .32 Special centerfire with 6 rounds cylinder capacity, .38 centerfire with 5 rounds cylinder capacity; Weight: small frame .22 rimfire with 3 inch barrel 13 ounces, .32 centerfire with 3 inch barrel 13 ½ ounces, large frame with 3 ¼ inch barrel .32 Special 19 ounces, .38 centerfire with 3 ¼ inch barrel 18 ¼ inches; Height: small frame 3 ¾ inches, large frame 3 7/8 inches; Frame length: small frame 4 3/16 inches, large frame 5 inches; Overall length: small frame with 3 inch barrel 6 3/8 inches, large frame with 3 ¼ inch barrel 7 3/8 inches. Main serial number location on left side of grip frame grips must be removed to see. The Third Model features a double top post barrel latch, coil hammer spring and four cross pins in the lower frame.
    VALUE: 100%=$250 60%=$115


  3. bmwr80k

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    Aug 18, 2009
    Hi Bill,
    Thank you very much for the excellent information. It will make a nice addition to my father's display case along with his knife collection.
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