I'm casting bullets after a short pause of about 15 years

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  1. Gunguy

    Gunguy Guest

    Yep, my cast bullet supply finally run out and I had to get off my butt and make some more.

    Got a half dozen moulds and they are all .44 caliber, everything from 145, 170, 175, 200, 250 grains.

    I mean I had a damn good supply of buddits in these various weights and I finally ran out.

    When I went to make some more the damn Lee pro 4 pot went bellyup on me, the termostat was rusted and in B/O wouldn't work.

    Ordered a new one from Lee and it is installed after waiting for a damn 11 mm nut to hold it to the top plate finally showed up.

    I was puzzled to find out that my casting methods were rather rusty...no darn wonder being away from it so long. But now things are working and the bullets are coming and the Lyman lubricator is working good after I replaced the broken handle on it with a more modern Lyman handle...this unit is probably 35 years old but still works.

    I've been bumping up my .44 caliber bullets to .45 Colt caliber by using swaging dies on my Herter press which is probably 50 years old and strong enough to swage without something breaking.

    Probably be better off buying some .45 Colt caliber moulds with .454 diameter, as I shoot them in an old WW-1 second generation military model they made for the brits in .455 caliber.

    My gun was converted way back then to .45 Colt and is a good shooter, but it has oversized chamber cylinder throats and I'm compensating by making most of my bullets with hollow bases by swaging these suckers one at a time.

    To me this is great fun, to others it is probably a pain in the butt...but it keeps me thinking and busy.

    Thats all, jabbe jaws will give it a rest now.

  2. inplanotx

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    Jan 28, 2002
    Hi GG,
    Sounds like your having fun as usual. Too hot down here now to cast. I save that for the winter months. I cast and load all winter, after hunting season and then wait for spring.

    For my .45 LC, I like Lymans mould # 454424 at 255 gr. I believe Lyman has now relaced it with a 452424 and dropped the diameter. If you can find one of the 454424's you could probably shoot them right out of the mould. Since they are low powered, you would not have to lube them either.

    I also found a mould last year that drops a 300gr GC bullet and I really like it. Perfect for my Blackhawk and usually try to get it up to about 1150fps. I'd like to find one at about 325 gr and a load to about 1100fps for the hogs around here. I keep my eyes open.

    Well, happy casting and keep your nose away from the pot.

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  3. Gunguy

    Gunguy Guest

    Hi Rick:

    Say, I only burnned myself seriously one time across the left bare hand (Mr. ole fart can do it without leather gloves) and the sprue had some lead debris and a fine stream squirted like a valcano across my left index finger...whoa momma, that smarts.

    It left a half ring around that finger that puffed up so put some lotion on it and bandage...had an ice cube on it for awhile.

    Few other little spots got me on the face and arm but nothing like the finger.

    Wear them freaken leather gloves if you don't want to get burnned.

    Rick, your 454424 mould sounds like a good one, I will keep my eye out for one if it shows up at gunshow or ebay.

    I shoot Meister hardcast 300 grain bullets out of my .44 mag Colt Anaconda but won't shoot that weight out of my old timey .45 LC S&W. I have to be careful stoking that ole girl.

    GG aka Jim
  4. inplanotx

    inplanotx Active Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    Yea Jim, I did the same thing. Sprayed the back of my hands. That gets your attention real quick especially when the mould gets to flyin outa ur hands! :D :D :D

    Watch out for that ole girl. She b a precious commodity these days. I'd keep her stoked about 650 to 700 fps. A real blast would be to try a few black powder loads in her. How long has it been since ya et some smoke?

    Ya might want to go to the Lyman site or phone them to see if they still have one floating around someplace on the shelf. That's how I got mine only it was a gun shop that had it. Seems no one wanted a .454 diameter bullet except those with the old Colt SAA or really early Blackhawks that had .454 diameter forcing cones.

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  5. Gunguy

    Gunguy Guest

    Yes, I'll try Lyman on the 454424 mould but will come up with zip with them people, maybe some of the on line retail gun supply catalogs will have one. Think I'll try Midway...dey seem ta be cheap on price.

    You'd think with all the new .454 caliber guns selling these days they'd start making those again.

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