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    Safety??? :mad: Comrade you are a SOVIET soldier you are meant to be DEADLY at all times. Why do you think we issue bayonet sheaths NOT!

    We do NOT use "Safeties" SAFETY is a capitalist TRICK and a LUXURY no soldier of the Proletariat would DEFILE himself with using!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    (Besides, Comrade, if you hold the trigger forward while lowering the bolt on the live round, and let the cocking piece follow it home, it is SAFE enough, then just rock the bolt up and down when needed quickly! :cool: )

    (Just don't drop the rifle, please, Comrade! :) )

    HEY, it is NOT the worse! Try an ARISAKA'S!!! :) :) :)

    But you know ALL Russian guns have pretty ill-concieved safeties/selectors...the awkward position of it, and LOUD click clack on switching it from full to semi to safe on a AK 47 leaves me to believe either a LOT of ambushes were blown by half trained VC in Nam, or they TOO carried them with it off and left it at that....that was one of the knocks on the Galil and Valmet too, one feature they both wished they did NOT copy exactly, although I think the Galil had an additional crossbolt one in a "normal" position BESIDES the loud selector.

    Speaking of which, isn't it amazing how relatively quickly the Israelis dumped the Galil? I'm not sure I've seen one in any recent pictures, except with reserves and police...
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    There use to be a Isrielis special forces web site (it is a pay site now) that talked about that. The main reason is weight. There are still units that issue it, as there are units that are issued the AK. But if given the choice they perfer the M16 carbine.

    I wish that site was still open to the public. It had a lot of good info on it.

  3. By which time Herr Shickelgruber and his Mauser 98 will have drilled the Rooski right between the peepers with a 7.92x57, assuming one of his comrades hadn't done it with a 7.62x54R sometime previously. :D

    Charlie was more fond of trip wires tied to handgrenades, mines, or a covered hole with sharpened bamboo stakes at the bottom. I'll leave what he dipped those stakes in to your imagination. When he did stage a fire fight--not an uncommon occurrance--his fire discipline was usually pretty good. That's why the point man's job was so vital and all of us hated it so much. If the point man doesn't hear something, or see movement, it got pretty harry PDQ.
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