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  1. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    CRAP the latest word from the salel of the house is the inspections start this week, may not close until llate OCTOBER:mad:

    In the meantime we have to pay the property tax AND School tax due on it which just about eats up the last of my Mom and Dad's savings.

    GOSH I hate Erie County, AND New York. I am SO glad I moved away from the regulations and taxes!!!:mad::mad:

    But while I am still lleaning towards the Sako .222 when it closes, I found another shop aI stopped in to today and clouded the decison even more....

    How about a SWEET and beautiful used Ruger #1 in .218 Bee for $799????

    Yeah, I think a little high especially in THAT caliber....with no scope.

    But definitely an OLD varmint round that would compliment my .220 Swift nicely to be different....somewhere between a Hornet and the .222 in power....yeah I know tougher to find brass for reloading, but I 'm sure I could track down a couple of hundred...HELL they still load them commercially...

    And even though I KNOW it is hit and miss with #1s as to accuracy....some are tack drivers and some need a LOT of work with shims etc to get them to shoot worth a damm...

    ....But they ARE beautiful riflles!!!!;)

    The other one that caught my eye was the "Switch Barrel" CZ 455....$619 NEW set up for .22LR. .22 WMR and .17 HMR.....

    Does anybody have any experienvce with EITHER?

    DAMM #1s are so beautiful, and the .218 is wierd enough it would be COOL as a walking around gun for P-dogs...

    And the CZ is supposed to be a GREAT rifle...and the .17 HMR and .22 WMR would give me the best of both worlds...a HIGHLY accurate rifle out to 150 with the .17 and no wind, and another BETTER one in .22 Mag out to 100 WITH the wind....

  2. cpt-t

    cpt-t Member

    Aug 19, 2012
    Wichita Ks
    polishshooter: I bought my 218 BEE in 1963 a model 43 Winchester. bolt gun with a mag. This was my first Center fire rifle. I reload for my Bee use 35 gr V-Max`s most of the time. I have killed coyotes out to 200 yds but I feel that is pushing it. But I have Taken PD`S and Grounds Hogs, and Jackrabbits close to 300 yds. The 218 BEE is very quite to shoot and there is no recoil to speak of, and it is cheap to reload for. Brass is not that hard to find around $ 40 a 100 to order the brass. I usaully find brass at the Gun Shows, or Winchester still makes 46 gr hp`s new ammo. Also check Estate Sales I have found 218 Bee brass several times at these. The Bee has a little more sting than the 22 Hornet, mine is very accurate less than an inch at a 100 yds. IMHO I think a 218 BEE is a great caliber and I use mine to hunt with and as walk around rifle. The 218 BEE would sure be different and would complment your 220 SWIFT. My Son shoots a CZ 17HMR and it is a great rifle, CZ also makes a model 527 22 HORNET witch we both have and they are super accruate rifles less than an inc at a 100 yrds. GOOD LUCK TO YOU: ken

  3. Bindernut

    Bindernut Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    Well...around here, it's hard to find a used #1 for under a grand. The guys that have em just aren't parting with em.
    I missed a chance at a like-new .25-06 #1 a couple weeks ago for $900 and I'm still kicking myself for waiting til after work to call the gal that had it.

    Yeah, the .218 would be an oddball (and another reloading project for ya) but I like the sound of it too. I like the little Hornet-sized cartridges for short range varmints. They're quiet, run cool, and are reloadable.
    (Personally, I just can't get into this 17HMR craze. The only reason being is that I can't reload em. But that's just me.)
    A friend of mine has a Contender in Hornet and every time we shoot the thing I start snooping around for a Hornet or some other mini 22 centerfire.

    I can't help ya out with the rimfire CZs. The only CZs I have is the 550 but I like the little 527 too. The 527 would make a great little walking rifle.

    I still kinda get the feeling that you've still got your heart set on that .222 though.
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