In England, what is a "small-calibre pistol"?

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    Nov 25, 2011
    Currently the British government calls the shots on gun ownership. They set the laws. Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are like states in the United States, all forming the United Kingdom or Great Britain.

    Scotland has a government controlled by the Scottish National Party, which has all the hallmarks of trying to be a totalitarian government. I won't go into all that here. The Scottish government has certain "devolved" powers which have been handed to it by Westminster, the British government. Sort of like how states in the US have their own powers of legislation.

    Gun control has not been entirely given to the Scottish government, fortunately, but air gun control has been given to the Scottish government.

    They showed their anti-gun hand when they forced through legislation to license air guns against all common sense. Absolutely ridiculous. Air guns have been around forever, and it's estimated that there are at least half a million of them around in various homes, attics, sheds, and other places. Many of them don't have serial numbers so can't be registered in the conventional sense. But if someone has an unlicensed air gun and is caught, he is prosecuted as a criminal. Criminalised for owning a BB gun!!