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Have a look at the other CVA rifles. They all work fine for deer.

Don't let the advertising or price be the determining factor.
Go to a gun shop and shoulder the different rifles to see which one fits you the best!!!

Close your eyes, shoulder the rifle then open your eyes.
Buy the rifle that has you looking down the center of the sight/scope once your eyes are open without adjusting your position!

After you decide on a rifle, get shooting with different brands & weights of bullets and different powders & pellets till you get the best load for your application.

I use to hunt with a T/C Hawkin .50cal but now I shoot an older CVA Optima Pro in .50cal.
It shoots best with a Hornady SST 250gr sabot using 2 Triple Seven Magnum pellets.
These Hornady bullets were not the most accurate and chosen because they work better on deer compared to other bullet brands I've tryed.

Pic below shows a grouping of under 3" inches at 100yards. Shot from a rickety patio table & lawn chair.
Mounted on the Optima Pro was a Bushnell 1.5 X 4 power scope.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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