Infantry squad fire power 1944 vs. 2004

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    Good job, 17th! The only difference is that is the TOE for the "standard" mid to late WWII squad, but equipment varied not only during the year of the war, but also between straight leg, para, Ranger, Engineer, etc...and in the USMC, between Raiders, Paramarines, "Assault" Marine platoons, recon, etc.

    For example, earlier in the war the non-coms MIGHT be carrying 1928A1 Thompsons, and later M1 Thompsons, M3 SMGs, or more probably M1 Carbines...and the Grenadier MIGHT be carrying the M7 Grenade launcher on an M1, or the M8 on a carbine...(They all preferred the Springfield OR the Carbine for the rifle grenade work, because you could fire regular ammo through the grenade launcher, not like the Garand's M7...although the MOST common launcher issued was the M7...)

    And once a unit got "bloodied," there is NO telling how the men would have "equipped themselves" from battlefield "pick-ups" and trading and outright theft! There COULD be many more BARs, for example. (and EVERY US soldier in combat probably had at least ONE pistol, regulations be DAMMED. Either a 1911A1, 1917 Colt/SW, a "commercial" one sent from home, or a "captured" one...)

    And finally, there were a LOT more Springfields in service in various Army units throughout the war than most people realize...Canfield had photos of army units in Italy in late '44 and half the Infantry have 03A3s,,,just like a lot of people don't realize just how important the rifle grenade was to a WWII US squad...most PREFERRED it to a Bazooka, (probably simply because it was easier to hump!) but some accounts claim it was more effective on tanks and pillboxes than the bazooka.

    Plus the Marine squad WOULD have one or two M1897 or M12 "Trench Guns..." plus an attached "Dog Handler" and flamethrower team, after the Marshalls...

    Plus each squad was usually "understrength" to TOE, but actually made "overstrength" through addition of a MMG or Bazooka team from the platoon weapons or HQ squad...
  2. Very true, Polish. My Dad, who was an artilleryman, carried only the Springfield and a .45 Colt pistol. He was never issued the M1.

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    Anaconda & the Battle of Robert's Ridge:

    This show is on tonight at 2 a.m. I know that is late, but set your vcr.:)

    This shows a small unit of U.S. Army Rangers batteling a large force in Afghanistan with little out side support.
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