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  1. I just thought I would post this based on the possibility it might be of help to some of the members . . .

    Taurus has just come out with a new automatic pistol design, the Millennium Pro PT-745. It's in .45 ACP caliber and it's quite similar to the PT-145 but the grip and overall dimensions are slightly smaller. Taurus reduced the magazine capacity to six from ten in order to achieve a lighter, smaller handgun. I bought one of these new pistols a couple of weeks ago and I really, really like it as a CCW piece.

    Anyway, one of the problems we always seem to enounter with a new gun offering is that, for a time, no one seems to advertise a holster that will fit it. I've managed to solve that problem for myself and thought I would pass on what I've learned to anyone out there who might have or consider buying the PT-745. The Silhouette High Ride Holster available from Galco fits this new weapon PERFECTLY (and I do mean perfectly!) if you buy the version of it Galco advertises to fit the Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35. I had an old one I sometimes use for my G33 and it seem to fit the Taurus rather well, though slightly looser than I prefer because the holster was broken in for the wider Glock pistol. I ordered up a new one, which just arrived today, and the Taurus fits the new holster perfectly. It literally fits like a glove.

    I hope this might be of some help to y'all. There's little more frustrating that having a new handgun you want to carry, but have no holster to carry it in!
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