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Marcus Wendel
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(5/19/01 10:35:52 am)
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Info on Germany and her allies
Visit the Third Reich Factbook at
It includes information on (almost) all aspects of Germany and her allies during World War II.


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(5/19/01 3:32:41 pm)
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I did visit the site you suggested. What I found (as far as I went) was history displayed == an appalling history, perhaps, but nonetheless there.

I hesitated in replying because I felt you may have been one of those deluded people who connect gun ownership with fascism. Since this is your first post, you have to forgive me if I'm mistaken.

Otherwise, or ifwise, feel free to comment.

Marcus Wendel
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(5/20/01 4:02:59 am)
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Re: troisieme reich

This part of the forum is called "Military History" so I thought that a site on that very topic would be ok to mention here.


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(5/20/01 10:40:23 am)
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Welcome Marcus. We get kinda touchy over some subjects, there's lots of people out there who appreciate the History and can discuss it as such, but as you know, there are also people out there interested in the "Third Reich" for different reasons and for different agendas, we were just being careful.

I didn't have time to check out the site, so I didn't respond right away.

If you really start searching the web you will find some REALLY scary sites glorifying the "Third Reich," which by extension means the Evil One himself. They are either plain ignorant, which is excusable, or evil themselves, which is not.

Almost 100 million people died in the World directly or indirectly because of the war old Adolf had the heavy hand in fomenting, it is and will forever be absent a nuclear holocaust the darkest period of our history as a species.

We have a DUTY to learn as much about it as possible, if only to learn how to say "NEVER AGAIN."

Plus, Americans are the most susceptible because we suck at History. There are college educated people all over this country, in positions of authority and the media that have no CLUE about WWII. There are people who are ostensibly educated claiming the "Death Camps" never existed.

They did. Countless eyewitnesses SAW them. The Germans kept meticulous records about them. 10% of the people in them survived to tell.

But stupid people in love with the Reich claim it didn't happen and small minds believe it...

It is scary...

As far as I'm concerned the German People STILL have to bear the collective guilt for a few more centuries...

THEY let it happen, and the vaunted German Generals we all were taught were so honorable and good were WILLING accomplices. ALL of them...

Never forget it.
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