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Info/value on Ruger Vaquero 357 engraved...

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My HVAC man has a Ruger Vaquero 357 that is stainless with gold engravings all over it he wants to sell. It is an older one, 95% in box, 056 series, and unshot. Anyone have any clues as to anything about it? Any idea as to if a special run or something? I need avalue but cannot find any to compare it with and have seen none like it. He has had it for 10 years or more so one of the older models. I am not a cowboy action shooter and know nothing of the Ruger Vaqueros especially a stainless or nickle with gold engravings all oer it. It was done at Ruger as to the engravings. I know pics help but have none yet so just looking for general info and ball park price unshot, in box, and in 95%+ condition.

Appreciate ant info no matter how general it is.
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