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    Oct 17, 2008
    Respected sir i am dr shivam kansal from india having a take down rifle from oesterr waffenfabr ges.steyr on its barel the imprint is Patent Mannlicher Schoenauer M 1903. its serial no. is 5797 and its bore is .256 . I have few quest. about the same kindly help me
    # in which country or state this rifle made.
    # in which year it made.
    # its estimated cost in rupees.
    # its callibre or exact bore.
    # how i know the rifle is orignal or not
    # who was the first owner
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    Apr 9, 2008
    Hello Shivam,

    It appears that you have a Steyr Mannlicher sporting rifle made in the town of Steyr, Austria. This is a rather old gunmaking firm, well known in modern times for high quality sporting rifles. Fortunately, they are still in business. With any luck Steyr may still have documents which can be researched to answer your questions.

    This is the Steyr Mannlicher web address: (in German)

    And this is the same address translated by babelfish:

    Best regards,

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