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(10/31/02 1:58:56 am)
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I'm not sure exactly what I've got. It is marked
MK 1*
Browning FN 9MM HP Inglis Canada
on the left side of the slide.

The serial # 5CH5XXX is on the barrel, slide and frame.

It has a tangent rear sight marked off 50 to 500 (Meters?)

It is slotted for a shoulder stock and has a lanyard ring on the bottom corner of the left grip area.

Is this one of the so called Chinese contract pistols? One thing I read said they had Chinese characters on the slide but this one does not. It came with a shoulder stock that is much newer than the pistol. Is it legal to use the stock?


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(10/31/02 8:29:27 am)
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I don't know it's value......but.....this is a WWII pistol. Inglis of Canada manufactured (Browning) HiPowers for the British Government during the war.

You might want to also post this in our C&R section. This should be a C&R pistol, but you'll have to check with our C&R junkies to see if that makes the shoulder stock legal.

Here's a little info:

Bob In St Louis
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(10/31/02 8:38:45 am)
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This is one of the Chinese contract pistols. A lot of them were imported in the mid-1980s before the door was slammed shut on Chinese firearms imports. At the time, they were going for $150 to $175, but now they are going for a much higher dollar. They are a C&R listed firearm, and if I remember correctly, these are one of the firearms specifically listed as legal to have the attachable shoulder stock - however, I would recommend checking the BATF Curio & Relics list.

I got two of these in during the mid 1980s (when I was a regular FFL and logged them that way), and sold both of them. One of them I had sold to my brother in law, and he later traded it off. Just recently I ran into the other guy I sold one too, and I asked him if he was interested in selling it back. His reply was "No way!"
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