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(12/24/02 2:45:44 pm)
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I'm looking for information on the Canadian made Browning MK1's. Bouncing around the web today, I haven't been able to learn much.

A local gun shop has one for sale with a threaded barrel that has piqued my curiosity. I did not get the Serial #, but it was one number followed by two letters followed by 3 or 4 numbers. Grips are black plastic, slide shows some pitting that was either painted over or possibly re-parkerized.

Any info would be much appreciated as well as any comments on what the "Chinese contract" guns were

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(12/24/02 7:19:12 pm)
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We'll need a lot more info on your Inglis. If with it's original finish, it can vary between between a low of $275 to over $3,000....depending on condition, model, and markings.

Many recent imports have been painted black or refinished and are in the $350-575 range.

The Chinese No. 1 contract pistol has large Chinese characters (6) on left side, is slotted for stock and tangent sights, and can be denoted by no numerical prefix before the "CH" in the serial #.

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(12/26/02 8:19:52 pm)
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OK OK this board is not idiot proof. Somehow I have twice lost 5 minutes worth of typing.

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(12/26/02 8:35:52 pm)
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Went back to look at the pistol again today. Here is what I found.

1. SN = 4CH975, but no Chinese characters on the slide, however, the slide is pitted only on the left side and has been parkerized over the pitting. Could have someone removed the markings with acid?

2. The designation is a MK-1*. Hoever, given the pitting, it is hard to read.

3. The initials "GBF" & H.B.C.A." are stamped on the left side of the frame near the trigger guard and on the bottom of the mag well.

4. There are what appear to be two proof marks on the right side of the frame near the trigger guard. One is a faint circle, possibly with a "W" inside it. The other is a large "X" with a crown on top and indistince letters in the other three quardents. The X has a downward facing flag at the 11 o"clock position.

5. The threaded barrel has no SN and is stainless. I did not field strip to look for other markings.

6. Rear sight is adjustable to 500 meters (fairly optimistic).

Asking price is $525

Any ideas on the history and worht of this gun?

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(12/27/02 8:22:05 am)
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First, let me welcome you to TFF, Mojo....forgot to do that in my first post.

Second, here's a bit of history on the Inglis HiPower:

All of my info is from the latest Blue Book......

Approximately 151,000 Inglis HiPowers were made between February '44 and September '45.

You have an adjustable sight, so that makes yours a Mk.1 No.1.....the Mk.1 No.2 had a fixed sight.

Chinese contract pistols had NO number before the "CH"....your's does, so it's not Chinese.

I would guess that the threaded barrel might have been for a silencer....some of these pistols were issued to SOE (Special Operations, Executive).....but there's no mention of increased value because of that.

The Blue Book says of the Mk.1 No.1 :"Many recent imports have been painted black or refinished and are in the $350-575 range."

I think that's what you have.

Bob In St Louis
*TFF Senior Staff*
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(12/27/02 8:30:32 am)
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Sounds to me it has a Federal Arms Corporation (FAC) replacement barrel. They produced these aftermarket replacement barrels that are threaded for "fake" silencers, etc.

Since the original barrel has been replaced, and based on the redo over pitting, I wouldn't go more than $250 to $275 on it.

Also, back in the early 1980s I picked up two of these Chinese Ingles Hi-Powers - the serial numbers were "2CHXXXX" and "4CHXXXX" They were not marked with Chinese characters, but they sure as heck came out of China!
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