Inglis Hi-Power

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    Here's some photos of the Inglis Hi-Power I picked up this weekend at the SCGCA show.
    Thanks to Francis (Vis35) and Brian Dick of Brian Dick LTD. for their opinions & knowledge to assist me in my decision.
    I know very little about these guns so pointers to Browning/Inglis websites are appreciated, as are opinions & comments.
    This is what I know-
    It's all matching, British Issue (hence the black paint), and, well that's about it other than I'm liking this gun a lot so far!

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    The legend

    Here's a link to more pix-

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    Re: Inglis Hi-Power
    Nice TPBOL!
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    The gun is not British issue it is Canadian issue. It has the Canadian cross penants located on the barrel after the serial number and on the frame to the left of the serial number. Inglis manufactured these pistols for the Canadians from 1944 to 1945. Prior to 1944 Inglis was manufacturing these pistol for the Chinese. Chinese contract pistol will have a "ch" in the serial number. Chinese contract pistols will also have an ajustable rear sight and a shoulder stock mount. Inglis was the highest producer of firearms for the Commonwealth forces during WW 2.
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    krustymike is right, but not all the way. The Inglis Hi Powers were made in Canada and yes, the crossed pennants in a letter C are a Canadian acceptance stamp, however, the early tangent rear sight model (Mk1) were supplied to Canada, China and the UK where they were favoured by the parachute regiment in WW2. (Most had the Canadian stamp, mostly right side frame behind trigger.).

    To confuse matters, serial numbers with a CH were made for the Chinese contract, but also went to the UK, many are still here now though obsolete.

    Inglis HPs with tangent sights were withdrawn from service in the UK after WW2, but the late war produced Mk2s with a fixed rear sight stayed in service into the 60s, most having been refurbished (Stamped FTR).

    As it happens black paint does suggest UK issue, but its hard to be sure. :) You could check the magazine. An original will have a little hole in the middle of the base plate, also if Inglis will have a small JI on the front about a quarter way up (John Inglis).
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