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(12/9/02 7:16:06 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All will vent rib interchange
i have a browning auto 5 12ga.made in 1957,in mint condition,i want to get a shorter barrel for it,it has a 28" plain mod. barrel.
i would like to know if a vent rib barrel will interchange with the plain barrel.
i love this forum,great people!!!

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(12/10/02 12:00:49 am)
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Though no expect in the early Browning designed receivers, I would expect vent ribbed or plain(smooth) barrels would fit. I don`t remember any cut out in any receiver "semi-auto" to specifically fit vent ribs. Best I can do at this time.

Regards LTS

*TFF Staff*
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(12/10/02 2:00:42 am)
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Re: will vent rib interchange
Yes they will. They will even interchange from a Belgium Broning to a Jap browning.
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