Interesting .380 ballistics

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    While I-as most enjoy these test readings, all are somewhat flawed. Some claim clogged hollow points on clothing reduce results, among many other factors. I would imagine the .22 long rifle would out preform the .45acp in this test. I also remember a test a few years back that was shown the .45acp would not penetrate early BP vest, while a 9mm would. While these test tell some things, they leave many out. The larger frontal area of the 45acp, while being a plus on one side of the coin.....reflects a different side in these test. It still amazes me that it always evolves around the 45acp.......why is that??

    In the last decade or so, bullet design has come a long way, along with powders. And since most of these smaller calibers travel at nearly twice the speed of the fourty five and one third the weight, what other conculsion could be made-anyway?

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    OK I have read the entire post and I will still be using my LAD CCW as my carry weapon I just like knowing that if I have to pull it and use it it is a 45ACP. I have half the battle won in my mind before it starts and folks that counts for a heck of a lot.

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    Phys classes back in college tell me that energy increases with the square of the velocity, but linearly with the mass. So increased velocity does make a very big difference over simple caliber size. Also, hydrashock 9mm's have been demonstrated to penetrate heavy clothing, light clothing and leather all to at least 10-12 inches penetration, consistently. I trust 10-15 rounds of 9mm hydra's as even-stevens to 6-8 .45's, as delivered in the same amount of time.
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