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agent mango
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(9/3/01 11:13:46 pm)
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Got this from and I thought I might post it for your enjoyment.

Accuracy And Tactics, Count More Than Caliber
"I was going over basic marksmanship and safe gun handling with two young men soon to be sent to basic training in the armed forces (two of my six sons). One is now at Marine Basic Training (Parris Island, SC) and the other will soon be in Navy Basic Training (Chicago, IL). I was making them shoot at 25 meters to 'get the hang' of the AR-15 rifle - shooting from a kneeling position - but their groups were a little large for that distance (two inches). Regrettably (for them) they complained that nobody could do better with a rifle from the kneeling position under the circumstances.

I insisted that, with a good weapon out-of-the-box, shooting properly becomes a matter of training, practice, and mental discipline. Well, they remained quite skeptical.

I was carrying my "buddy", a SIG P239 in 9mm loaded with standard factory 115-grain ammo (Winchester 155 grain Silver Tip Hollow-Points) in a strong-side holster. Coming up to the firing line. I raised the gun, steadied my lower abdomen against a table (while standing and holding the SIG in an isosceles stance), and fired off nine rounds, in nine seconds, at their target (25 meters). I pulled the target up to our shooting table and showed them the evidence: a two-inch perfectly centered group clustered around the x-ring.

Their jaws dropped and the shooting ceased momentarily at the range while bystanders inquired regarding the 'gunsmithing' my weapon had undergone.

None, I replied.

'But 9mm's won't stop a felon with one shot like a 45 can,' they replied.

I pulled my P220 out of the range bag, inserted a magazine full of factory 230 grain hardball, and fired a three-inch group into a target at 10 meters as fast as I could pull the trigger.

'How many people have you seen who've actually been shot?' I inquired.

There was no answer.

'I have seen more DOA's with 9 mm and 38 specials than all other round combined,' I said, 'Accuracy and tactics counts more than caliber,' I stated rather sarcastically.

Everybody left me alone.

My sons stood by looking at me quietly. 'Get the best gun you can afford, practice every week, and place your bullets where they will be most effective", I said.

With 9mm factory ammo (in bulk) little more costly than .22 ammo there is no excuse if you don't shoot often (I shoot 300 round a week, every week, and never shoot without first drawing my weapon from a holster).

My son's determination thus invigorated by seeing an "old fart" (I am 45) out-gun them with a SIG, they went on to clean my clock with the rifle (while I nearly beat them with my SIG).

SIG's need only two modifications once purchased: a magazine full of good factory ammo and a VERY light coating of oil on their internal working mechanism.

Thanks, SIG!
Nestor L. Montero, MD
Atlanta, Georgia

"On the bounce and by the numbers!"

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(9/4/01 10:20:18 am)
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I really wonder why he waited till his sons were grown till he decided to teach them too shoot ??? Started my sons and daughters [6 total] when they were very young, doing it the same way with grandkids....

V.I.P. Member
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(9/4/01 11:07:05 am)
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I wondered the same thing while reading it, but I enjoyed the story and thanks for posting.

Guns don't cause crime anymore than flies caues garbage.

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(9/4/01 9:04:50 pm)
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It is a true statement. I've shot many deer with my .22-250 when alot of people say it is way to small. They are usually the ones killing those little deer with .300 mags or a .338. They get the killing done but don't get much meat when they blow it all to heck.
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