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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 358 winchester, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. 358 winchester

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    Apr 25, 2004
    Pensacola Fl. area
    I can't get a grant for it but I have been doing it.
    I have traveled the INTERNET reading the different Gun forums and Patriot sites to see what is being said by most of them about obama.
    It appears that it is some where in the 60 to 40 % range con for obama.
    The surprising fact is that many gun owners still think we should give him more time to see how he preforms.
    Lots of folks on the sites DEFEND HIM claiming that he didn't put us in debit any more than the other presidents did. I was surprised that a bunch blame Regan and G. BUSH along with G.W. Bush for all our problems. Many of these folks I have talked with over the years on-line and they appeared normal until now( I think some one slipped them the kool aid).
    There are a bunch of nut cases out there that are ready to start a war in Washington as well. I am not ready for that action, (still stocking up)
    I do want proof that the Zebra is an American but fear we will never be allowed to see such proof.
    I have decided to stop my research and just visit the couple of sites that I read each day and help keep in check. I would rather have a few good men ( & ladies) beside me than a bunch of off the wall nut cases or spies for the right wingers.
    NOT IF BUT WHEN the time comes that WE must defend our homes in our own yards we had DANG WELL BETTER KNOW who is on our six.
    Y'all give this some thought before you say to much or the wrong things on any site, They are reading and watching everything that is going on.
    Paranoid HE!! NO worried HE!! YES getting prepared for the worst YOU CAN DANG WELL BELIEVE I AM in more ways then one......
    Here is a thought be a Brave American Citizen for the Original Constitution
    B.A.C.O.C. for short
  2. Don Buckbee

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    May 25, 2004
    Grayling, MI
    Lot's of naive people out there; ones who believe in fairy tales.
    Read what the Israeli Psychologist has to say about Obama in the posting above.. It is shocking, and true.
    Obama is one very sick person, mentally.

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