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    [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']INTERROGATION OF DETAINEES, AND MORE FROM CRS[/FONT][FONT='Times New Roman','serif']

    The shifting legal framework governing the interrogation of detainees held by the U.S. Government was examined in several newly updated reports from the Congressional Research Service that have not previously been made readily available to the public (all pdf).

    "Interrogation of Detainees: Requirements of the Detainee Treatment Act," updated January 23, 2009.

    "U.N. Convention Against Torture (CAT): Overview and Application to Interrogation Techniques," updated January 26, 2009.

    "The U.N. Convention Against Torture: Overview of U.S. Implementation Policy Concerning the Removal of Aliens," updated January 21, 2009.

    "The War Crimes Act: Current Issues," updated January 22, 2009.

    "Renditions: Constraints Imposed by Laws on Torture," updated January 22, 2009.


    "Despite President Obama's vow to open government more than ever, the Justice Department is defending Bush administration decisions to keep secret many documents about domestic wiretapping, data collection on travelers and U.S. citizens, and interrogation of suspected terrorists," Michael J. Sniffen reported for the Associated Press. See "Despite Obama Pledge, Justice Defends Bush Secrets," February 16, 2009.

    David Sobel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation described several actions taken by his organization to test and challenge the Obama Administration's new disclosure policies. See "EFF to Obama Administration: Time to Make Open Government a Reality," February 12, 2009.

    Excessive classification continues to generate intense frustration within the government and to foster suspicion and hostility on the part of allies, according to Lt. Gen. (ret.) John Sattler, the former director of strategic plans for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His remarks were reported in "Sattler: Less Classification, More Communication with Coalition" by Rebekah Gordon, Inside the Navy, February 16, 2009.[/FONT]
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    Another great post Marlin! Man, you are setting me up for some real reading in the morning! First Fema now this. On a side note, my wife now hates you, or she will in the morning. Wednesday is the only day my wife and I have off together. Don't worry I will still do my research.

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