Is Gun Control Ever Legitimate?

Discussion in 'The Constitutional & RKBA Forum' started by alvagoldbook, Jul 25, 2008.

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    I believe myfaforumname may need to send an email to Obama's camp to know how to respond to some of this criticism...

    I'm getting sick of this crap honestly. We've had myfaforumname, Big Bore, alavagoldbook, and others who are too insignificant to remember, responding constantly to political issues while knowing little to NOTHING about gun issues because they received an inciteful email from the Obama campaign encouraging them to change minds of those who hate Obama... Well, I don't hate the man. I just think he's an economically challenged idiot, void of economic education and far too accepting of poorly formulated social theories.. Sorry myfa, I deem you a troll...
  2. Shellback

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    Jul 10, 2008
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    I'll second that!!!

  3. user

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    Agree. I thought it was all pretty good, too. Good points by JohnK3 and the citation to
    was excellent.

    I'd add a couple of things to that article, though; one is more of a "pet peeve" about terminology of the "gun buy-back" campaigns that suggest that the guns were originally owned by the state. That's the use of the word, "recovered" - whenever the police do some kind of raid on a citizen (whether justified or not doesn't matter for this point) and they seize weapons, they always say they "recovered firearms". It always makes me wonder about those cops that go around losing their weapons.

    And as to the "turn the other cheek" thing; that's not about being a pacifist, that's about not getting emotionally wrapped around the axle in reaction to the evil that comes out of another person. That story Jesus told is designed to help us understand that we're in control of our own thoughts and we don't have to get worked up just because some jerk does something we don't like. He might just as easily have said, "When someone cuts you off on the Interstate, just back off and give him more room.", except that I don't think the Romans had finished building the Interstate at that time.
  4. GMFWoodchuck

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    Every single evil murderous government on earth started out with gun control. Be they communists (Lenin), Nazis (Hitler), Taliban (Afganistan (Don't ask me their leader's name)), Khmer rouge (Pol Pot). They all started out with gun-control regulation. Too bad the retard feel-good liberals don't understand that.
  5. LoneWolf

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    Aug 27, 2008
    Gun control is never legitimate. I do believe keeping them out of the known criminals hands the best we can by our background check at gun stores is legit, and so long as you haven't commited a crime, what have you got to worry about? Control=NO legitimacy, Regulation=Partial legitimacy.
    Guns aren't the problem, politicians and criminals that ruin the name of firearm owning citizens are. If they want my guns, they can have one hell of a time trying to get them because the only way they will is from my cold, dead, hands.
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