Is Obama and Congress Honorable?

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    It's a longstanding treaty obligation. One of a very few that have actually been kept.
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    The Native American Treaty's have been in existence since the late 1800's. Many tragic stories exist about the treatment that the Native American's received at the hands of the "white man". It wasn't until 1956 that the Indians were allowed to lawfully leave the reservations. Until that time they were degraded from being a once proud, strong, and moral people to something a lot less by being "locked up" on a Reservation with a very sorry existence and very little rights or education. They were lied to, they were murdered, and treated in a very barbaric nature. In 1895, it has been estimated that over 95% of the population had been wiped out. The rest is history that few people ever have taken the time to study.

    Until the casinos their only method of industry was selling blankets and jewelry to making and selling cigarettes tax free. The US recognized the Native Americans as being a sovereign nation unto their own in the 1800 treaties. And taxes were not required to be paid on any of their profits to the US under those treaty obligations. Even when oil was discovered on some of the reservations. The Native Americans were moved off to a new Reservation and in most cases, did not receive any royalties from the oil found on land that was given to them and was promised to be theirs for all time.

    And with the stroke of a pen Obama made the US a little less honorable in it's dealings with America's original people by making them pay taxes on their products and by preventing them from being able to use the U.S. Mail for sending their products amongst other things, that gave them an opportunity increase their standard of living.

    What a shame! Another great lie in a long list of lies!
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    My wife and I flew to Las Vegas along with two fiends. We had reservations at the Excalibur ( it was one year old at the time ). We went three days earlier than our due check in time.

    I rented an SUV, and we all took off to see what we could before we had to be back to the hotel so we could play tourist before going broke.

    To say I was shocked to see the conditions the Natives lived in, is an understatement. We did not enter any reservations. Deplorable is still not appropriate, or accurate.

    The city folks who claim poverty, in most cases, don't have the first idea of what poverty really means. The have their cars, TV's, $150.00 shoes, a liveable home, food to eat and running water.

    The three days we spent on the road proved, without a doubt, the so-called poor we know of, don't have a clue. It's been a lot of years since that trip. My wife and I don't discuss the Vegas trip. But if the subject comes up among friends, we talk about the Natives.

    One would have to see it, to believe how they live. Very sad treatment for the original citizens of this country.
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