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Three pages already you probably got your answer.

I will add my two cents though here's what I learned it's much cheaper to buy a complete upper and a complete lower than it is to get them together.

If you're familiar with the AR platform it's literally two pins that you push out and push back in. That's it that completes assembly.

One of the thing that you might want to do is steer clear of steel case ammo until you well worn in the rifle.

Also if you do go with the two-piece way that I always do make sure your barrel length is 16 in or longer otherwise it's considered a pistol a pistol with a rifle stock is a problem according to the ATF for some stupid reason.

A shorter barrel with a brace is acceptable however it's now considered an AR-15 pistol.

One last thing if you do get a case jammed inside the chamber it's a pita to take out. Carry cleaning rod with you. You'll need it to put down the barrel and tap out that shell.

Enjoy the world of ARs they're fun to shoot.
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