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Looking for my first AR-15 and have pretty much decided on a Smith and Wesson M&P Sport II and have seen lots of sites and stores selling for over $900. I won't mention the online store, but I did find it for $787 in stock. Seems like a good price given today's skyrocketing prices.

1. What do you think about the M&P for a first AR-15? Seems to get really good reviews, though I've never spoken personally to anyone who has one. Online reviews are generally very positive for a rifle in this price range.

2. Do you think $787 is a fair price today? I've considered a Colt M4 6920 but it's just a little too expensive for my budget. Cost is one of the primary factors in choosing the M&P.

Thanks in advance for your replies!
Don’t you look it up on your computer plus prices and reviews for it plus ask what is the best first aR15
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