Is Wolf .223 ammo any good?

Discussion in 'Informational & Technical Archives' started by ruffitt, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Hey eveybody,
    I am going to buy another case of .223 I see wolf is cheap right now and was wondering if anybody has had problems with wolf ammo and ar-15? The last case was PMC and had no problems, Is it better than Wolf ammo? I have heard wolf primers are a bit hard? Barney5

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    Re: Is Wolf .223 ammo any good?

    Wolf and AR's do not get along very well, in part
    because of the steel cases(instead of brass)and
    because of the laquer coating on the Wolf ammo.

    Stick with brass cased ammo, ya get what ya pay
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    Barney, all Wolf ammo I had any experince with was 7.62x39 through my SKS and it worked fine, not particularly accurate, but then neither was anything else...

    Why don't you try asking this either in "Large bore rifle" or ask the might get more responces...
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    I dont have a .223, but a friend of mine does and Wolf ammo wont always chamber properly in his...He thinks there isan't enough powder in them to knock his slide back far enough, but thats just him guessing...He has no problem with any other kind of ammo though.


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    I've put hundreds of rounds through my buddy's AR-15 with no problems. I understand the alleged problem here is mentioned on Olympic Arms' website. Apparently it is due to lacquer build-up in the chamber.
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