Islamic squatters , the new nightmare for real estate investors

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    Jan 11, 2010
    discussion on talk back radio here and a gent from the US explaining its the same there

    with all the vacant housing about Islamists are moving into vacant houses and squatting

    here the attention is from 1 elderly couple, he's 80, shes 78 , they bought 4 houses over the years as a investment , but only had 1 rented the past year .

    when they went to show the empty to a real estate agent they found they had a african Islamic family in there squatting , that was a year ago last month , the jihadists are still in there and the folks aint got a cent in rent

    and the argument ??

    the Koran

    (24:29) says that you can take such houses if nobody lives in them.

    this is assuming you have conquered the people first !!!

    i guess they have

    but the US expert said something interesting

    38,000 homes in the USA are affected similarly

    damn straight they have conquered us ... if this is anywhere near true

    feed back please , this is wrong
  2. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    I posted this on the SF forum and a bloke sent me this link .. seems its true ...

    In an upscale enclave in the San Fernando Valley, there's a new neighbor on the block. He drives a big Mercedes, sometimes a fancy SUV and residents say he's been living in a three-story mansion, which was empty and going into foreclosure.

    His name is Dawud Walli, and neighbors say he moved into a huge empty home last July, furnishing nearly every room of the house.

    "We feel unsafe. We can't sleep. We have families," say some of the residents who live nearby.

    They say Walli made this a party house.

    Inside, we found booze and condoms scattered about. But no one really knew what went on here, because some of the windows were covered with tape and garbage bags.

    "They don't want to make contact with the neighbors. They do not want to make eye contact with you. They do not talk to you," says someone who lives nearby.

    Prosecutors say this is happening across Southern California.

    They've caught squatters illegally living in homes in Bel-Air, Marina Del Rey and Winnetka.

    "It's a huge problem and growing every day," says Los Angeles City Attorney Maureen Rodriguez.

    "It's just amazing how nervy they can be: presenting false leases," says Rodriguez.

    Police believe that's what Walli did. When neighbors asked police to evict him, he showed the cops a lease, which says he was renting from the owner, supposedly named Mike Fassi.

    We tried to question Walli about that lease. When we asked him if he had a lease to be in the house he said, "That's none of your business."

    Our investigation found Walli's lease appears to be a fake. Title records show the real owner of this home was Thomas Felix, who moved to Northern California as his home went into foreclosure.

    Felix says he doesn't know Walli, and that he has, "not leased this property at all."

    Authorities admit squatters usually get away with it, partly because they know how to work the system.

    But the residents in this community are now fed up with squatters. They tell us that this has happened five times in their neighborhood in the last year.

    "A house becomes vacant and the next thing you know, there's a moving truck and people start moving in," said one resident.

    They were determined to get Walli out, after seeing him come and go for months They got the owner of the empty house to change the locks, and chain the front door and they got the cops to post "no trespassing" signs.

    One afternoon, we spotted Walli moving out of the house, a residence police say he had no right to be in, in the first place. When we asked him to explain why he was in this house illegally? He said, "I don't have to."

    Police had opened an investigation into Walli, but now tell us that because he agreed to move out, they did not charge him with a crime.

    Authorities tell us that most high-end squatters never get charged.

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    Feb 25, 2010
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    Oct 5, 2009
    Central Florida
    A few blocks from my home was a motel that went belly-up a few years ago when the economy began to tank. Though it was vacant, whoever owned it kept up the property. Last year the newspaper ran a story about how they have, on several occasions, had to evict vagrants, sometimes with families, living in the vacant motel rooms that had no running water and no electricity, heat or A/C. They were spotted at night when neighbors saw candle light flickering behind the pulled curtains. The police reported that they could not keep them out. For every one they evicted, more would show up. Drugs and gang violence was a nitely occurrence. There was one shooting also. Finally, they erected an 8 foot chain-link fence completely surrounding the property and removed every stick of furniture form the rooms. Recently, the property was purchased, completely rehabbed, re-fenced with a more decorative plastic one and re-opened as a gay motel and bar/rest. Since that time it has become a model motel, clean, orderly and quiet.
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