Israel Arms M444 FN-FAL

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    Israel Arms M444 FN-FAL
    Finally got the damn thing out of its box so I could look at it. New IMBEL receiver, with that typical dark gray/hint of OD green phosphate finish. Refurb'd internals, new barrel. Decent STG-58 type FAL. They should spring for new furniture though, perhaps a pebble-grain type polymer...

    Should be a good "battle-rifle" choice for budgets well under $1K.

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    IA`s used to be a great bargin and still are....stocks are just a little .......well you know. MATTERS NOT THOUGH!! Good bargin FAL, load 5 rounds in the magazine and hand feed each, with a full bolt slam home. Sometimes the feed ramp needs a light polish......then they run like a champ! DANG GOOD BUY`s for the first time FAL buyer....pretty durn accurate too.
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