Israel is preparing the grond

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    It appears to me as if Israel is getting closer to clearing up the problem in Iran.

    I've been waiting for Israel to start talking about what reaction they would expect from other Middle Eastern nations. Once they start talking about such, one can expect some action to be taken. That is what I think. but I'd sure like to get Sabashimon's opinion on this.

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    Jack might have some interesting comments. I think he addressed this issue a few months ago.

  3. Marlin T

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    Yes; we'll be on standby for Shimon's op ed. ;) :D ;)
  4. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    only last week actually but yes old news

    Israelhas been making a lot of closed door meets with various islamic nations

    Iran has been playing bully boy to the rest of the arab and islamic nations to "get on board or else"

    while at the same time breaking big financial promises to all

    theres been a rumour that Israel has picked up the finacial slack as well but thats not confirmed yet, i'm waiting for the next IMF report and world bank pecuniary finding stat's that should show this

    our AWB has had a couple of interesting payments though, Isreal paying for Egyptian wheat purchases and one from Tajikastan one of the sources traditionally of Barium used in neuclear processing and a announcement soon after from the Tajiks that they where closing thier barium mining facilities ( which is actually a silver mine just with high barium side alloys) so screwing up the Iranian way of urainum processing ( gassious collection and purification and centrifugal recovery)

    old Israel may not like many of its neighbours but will deal to its own advantage

    this article is good confirmation what i been seeing in bits and peices the past few months

    cheers eh

    nice to know i can still pick one occasionally ;)


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