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    Hey all

    Well Christmas is done, and i got all my parts.
    Here's how it all worked out. Wife got me hogue overmould stock, son got me a few volq parts. I bought the whistle pig barrel. Tore the 10/22 down on Christmas eve, (kids @ Grandma's, wife @ work). Cleaned all parts, Stared sanding receiver to accept barrel. They are a tight fit, got the barrel and receiver together, and waited.Family gets home, opened presents, ran downstairs with glee. Put in the volq parts and sanded down sides of mags.( stock little tight in that area) Gun looks great. Went outside and function fired. This thing rocks. Quiet action, no muzzle climb and a much better feel and pull. I still need to sight in and figure out what ammo the barrel likes. Pics will soon follow and hopefully some targets with very small holes.

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    ROCK-ON Rider... anxious to see pics and all the updates on the fuctioning

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