Ithaca Double Barrel with Damascus barrels

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    Jun 24, 2010
    I have an Ithaca double barrel shot gun (12 ga., I believe) with damascus barrels and little markings. There are two triggers and manually-cocked hammers (firing pins are visible). The only markings are simple engravings on both sides with the words "New Ithaca Gun". The shoulder plate has a circle around a flying bird outline and the words "Ithaca Gun Co." There does not appear to be any serial number. The Barrel has a series of V's or W's around the end where the shell would be placed. The stock is split, but held together with the shoulder plate. I have not done anything to try to restore the shotgun, which would be used as a wall hanging, only. I know not to fire anything in it because of the barrel. My questions are: What is the vintage of the gun? Does it have any collector value? What should I do to clean and/or repair it?

    Bill (Sparkyzapper)
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    Info from the Standard " Catalog of Firearms ", New Ithaca Gun, made from 1888 until 1915, however in 1900 a *new condensed steel barrel* was introduced. Guns marked New Ithaca Gun on both side of the frame are entry or lower grade guns { Grade A }. Value is dependent on condition. One in excellent condition is listed at 1000$, poor condition 100$. To clean, you only want to remove dirt, fouling, rust and crud. You do not want to make the gun shine, leave any patina alone, you want it to look old. A good grade of gun oil. and if needed to remove rust 0000 grade steel or copper wool. Again you do not want to remove any patina, only the rust and dirt. On the stock , I've had good luck with Murphy's oil soap. It is very mild and non abrasive. and does a good job of cleaning old stocks with out damaging them. Hope that helps, others may have other ideals.:)

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    Post some pics...
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