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Ithica age question

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Wondering if someone could give me an approximate date of manufacture on an Ithica side by side. I believe it's a 16 gauge s/n 262***. Any help is appreciated.

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256700-268199-1915 -Your # fits here
Those are the # for Flues
252700-272999-1928 is for a Lefever Nitro Special
With out pics. I can not tell you witch one you have.
Very hard to do with out the gun in your hands.
When you get the gun PM me and give me your phone # and we can talk.
Ithaca made allot of different grades of side by side they also imported SKB shot guns.So to tell you what you have I would need it in my hands.
But with the gun in your hands you can answer my questions and we can figure out witch one you have and what grade it is.
They made changes all the time so each side by side have different things on them witch puts them into different grades.
The F stands for Field grade not flues.
But it is probably a flues.
Do low loads (black powder) not hot loads.
The barrel will not handle new loads for long before it has a problem.
Is NIB any ware on the barrels?
With out the NIB I would say it is a flues.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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