Its 11pm and iv had some beer...

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    Mar 4, 2008
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    Buy ammo/magazines/rifles! after november who knows what will be taken away from us and/or made too expensive to afford! you already see how expensive ammunition and its components are getting, yeah some of that is because of the cost of fuel.But dont try to fool yourself. Why hasn't the cost of everything else doubled, even tripled like ammo? This government is getting to big, they realise that a disarmament would be to unpopular and quite simply too impossible to conduct, especially in my part of the country. Instead, they have realised that a rifle is nothing but a fancy club without ammunition, and by starving us of ammuniton due to cost, less and less companys will produce it because less is being sold, and the less that is being sold the more expensive it will become untill there is very little left. This is the ranting forum and this is my little rant. Please do not be one of those guys who has 20 rounds for his '06 and thinks he is good to go, ready to feed and protect his family for the next who knows how long after this govt crashes. The day is coming and we all need to be vigilant. Write your congressman, senators, and whoever else you pray to. let them know how important it is that we can hold onto our rights for as long as possible. And when the day comes we must all stand together as the few, the proud, the armed citizenry.
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    I have kept stockpiles of ammo for many years, as a matter of fact, I have some 223 ammo that has $1.50 per box of 20 rounds sramped on it...I have hungarian 7.62 ammo in sealed tins, 40 cal ammo in bulk, 7.62x39 ammo from the early 90's.....and some others, I try to keep at least 3000 rounds for each gun....most of my stockpile dis milsurrp stuff......and if I don't get another 308 soon I'm gonna be selling some bandoliers of 308 to make some room

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