It's a week before Christmas

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    and all the kids in class lined up to give their teacher their present...

    Everyone was to bring a something that also showed what their parents did for a living.

    Little Mary was first in line and announced her Dad was a Baker and handed the teacher a pastry-shaped box, as the teacher tried to guess what was in the box she said "Donuts?" Mary smiled and said, "Right!"

    Billy, who's Dad was a Carpenter, handed his teacher a small box, teacher guessed, "A Bird House?" Billy said "Nope". The teacher guessed again with, "A Mail Box?" Billy smiled and said, "It's a Jewelry Box!"

    Jimmy, who's Dad owned a 'Spirits' distillery, handed the teacher a rather large box, the teacher noticed that a corner of the box was wet so she wiped her finger along the wet spot and tasted it,
    Not being able to tell right off, she gussed, "Is it Wiskey?" Jimmy said "Naw."

    The teacher tasted it with her finger again and tried another guess, "Is it Bourbon?" Billy just smiled and said,


    It's a PUPPY!"

    Merry Christmas!

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    Oh jeez, that was gross..but funny

    thanks for the laugh,


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    Yes Sherry, Mith does write some good stuff........when he decides to come and share it with us.

    Mith, where did you go?.......get back here, still waiting!