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    The number of Congressmen calling for USAG Holder's resignation is growing daily ! Its now up to 29 according to PJ Media's Bob Owens, posting here:

    President Obama's administration appears to still be clinging to the "limited hang-out" mode presented by former POTUS Nixon, (and we all know how well that worked !) Monday's "Document Dump" went to 652 pages ! And it appears more lower level executives are in line for their trip under the bus ! Lanny Bruer, Ken Melson, David Voth, Bill Newell all may be "packin' grease" these days !

    But as gun owners/users we ought to be taking a long hard look at not only what's going on - and that, IMNSHO is damn serious - but the driving force behind it ! Senator Feinstein may have "spilled the beans" with her softball questions to Lanny Bruer regarding the role the "lack of gun registration" plays in OF&F. IOW the administration/Democratic meme is going to be Americans have too easy access to too many semi-auto weapons without government oversight of their purchase/storage/use ! Which brings us back to the origins of Operation Fast and Furious ! Why did BATF SAC Newell shut down Operation Wide Receiver declaring it "unworkable" - only to restart OF&F using the same MO ?

    And there's another aspect. In Feb. of '09 President Obama declared "90% of cartel guns came from U.S. gun dealers and gun shows". In support the Administration presented photos of "recovered arms" all in the gun community knew couldn't be bought anywhere, or transfer required approval of BATF. So how to "save face" ? The cartels have access to arms on a worldwide basis, so why would they buy less desirable/capable arms at a greater unit cost on the American market ? Unless, of course, those arms arrived "free" .

    More and more OF&F is looking like a "government false-front operation" intended to divert certain distinctive "military pattern firearms" to criminal elements on both sides of the border in order to solve two Obama Administration problems. First, its radical left supporters were discontent with its progress on disarming America - which, perhaps- was the gensis of the President's "we're working under the radar" remark to VPC members at a White House meeting ! The second is more speculative, but the President was a former member of the Joyce Foundation, and has links to stridently "anti-gun" orgs his first campaign took money from. "Disarming Americans" ranks near the top on their agenda list !

    Regardless of how one approaches this issue we're confronted with numerous salient facts. The USG, in various guises, conspired to convey arms to criminal elements on both sides of the border - and perhaps across the nation - by contravening or evading multiple laws intended to defend against those actions. And, having been caught with its "lunch hooks in the cookie jar", is presently urgently seeking to change the rules making FOIA requests covering such behavior invalid ! >MW
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    its high time to get the big broom out and sweep this place clean. the dirt pile up is ginormus!!!:eek:

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