"Ivan's War, 1939-1945"

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  1. What you say is quite true, Polish, and I think you hint at an important point in addition to that. Toward the end of the war--say from 1944 to its end--the German technological advantage in battlefield weapons, so obvious in the first years of the war, had virtually disappeared. The German engineers had many excellent--even superior--weapons on the drawing board that would have been equal to any the allies had, but by 1944 German industry was unable to produce them in sufficient quantity to make any difference, whereas Russian production was in full swing. It is interesting to note that the one anti-tank weapon the Russians feared the most was not mounted on a tank or gun carriage at all. It was the simple, hand-held Panzerfust, usually fired by some stupid Hitler Jugend from 100 yards away. The Russkis lost a huge number of tanks to them in the final weeks of fighting in Berlin.
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    And so did we..ALL those sandbags, logs, concrete and extra plates salvaged from knocked out half-tracks that drove Patton CRAZY at the end of the war because they were "cowardly" (?) and wore them out quicker due to the extra weight (probably true) on the M4s were NOT to stop 88s, but to MAYBE stop a shaped charge from a PF 15 or 30 getting through to the metal, but then the "skirts" on the later Pzkw IVs running gear and turret were the same thing....they didn't like our bazookas either....

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