Iver Johnson .22 mag revolver

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    Jun 5, 2010
    I inherited an Iver Johnson .22 mag revolver and I was wanting to learn a little about it and I don't know that much about revolvers. It is an eight shot revolver and does not have a model number on it. It's serial number is K00958and is located on the right side of the frame below the clylinder. On the left side of the frame below the cylinder is stamped Iver Johnson's Arms, Fitchburg MA, US. The barrel length is 4 3/4 inches. There is a shell ejector on the right side of the barrel. .22 mag is stamped into the cylinder. I've taken the grip off and there are no other markings on the frame. The front and rear sights are adjustable. The grip appears to be some sort of white plastic material with an owls face embossed in it. The owl is looking down the grip. The barrel and cylinder is a typical blued appearance while the frame has sort of a multi-colored, stained appearance. It is not beat up and appears to be in good shape. Any idea when it was made or what it might be worth?
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    the rod ejecting model 50A sidewinder was first introduced in 1961 and latter expanded into different barrel lengths and finishes. this is one of the latter adjustable sight model first offered about 1974. the k letter code was first used about that time. serial numbers are iffy at best from this production time. my best guess as to date of manufacture is 1974.

    I.J. MODEL 50 SIDEWINDER--------------------------------1961-1978
    Large solid frame double action revolver with rod ejection; Grips: oversize wood western style standard, after 1968 large plastic imitation Stag standard; Caliber: 22 rimfire (.22 Magnum combo added 1974) with 8 rounds cylinder capacity; Cylinder has recessed chambers and Flash Control front aim; Barrel length: 6 inches, 4 ¾ inches added 1974; Sight: fixed, fully adjustable rear sight add ed 1974; Finish: blue, Nickel added 1974: Model number changed to Model 50A in 1964; Weight: 6 inch barrel 31 ounces, 4 ¾ inch barrel 30 ounces.; Frame height: 4 inches; Frame length 4 7/8 inches; Overall length: 6 inch barrel 11 ¼ inches, 4 ¾ inches 10 inches. After 1974 this Model had different model numbers for different finishes, barrel length, calibers and rear sight combinations.
    I.J. SIDEWINDER MODEL 50A 1963-1978
    There is no difference the model number was only changed to be like the other 50 Series.
    VALUE: 100%=$250 60%=$120
    Deduct 10% for fixed sight model


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    thats the same kind of gun sur han used to kill bobby kennedy I seen that on the history channel yesterday,Ivan johnson 22 revolver.
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