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My Grandfather-in-Law was a police officer in the early 1900's and passed down an Iver Johnson revolver which based on the patent dates and low(?) serial number I thought was a 2nd Model. When I opened it up to look at the official SN I noticed it had a coiled spring not the flat leaf I was expecting. I'm wondering if this a 3rd or a black powder converted to a coiled. If so, would it be alright to use it with modern smokeless powder? Also, is it a .32 or. 38? I'm not interested in selling, but a rough value would be nice too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Top of Barrel: Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works: Fitchburg Massachusetts, USA

Trigger Guard: 34748

Pistol Butt: JUNE 16.96 AUG 26.?? T.16.04 PATS PENDING

Inside Grip: 34748 (Coiled Spring)

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