Iver Johnson .38 Hammerless What Year Model?

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    Oct 22, 2012
    I purchased this pistol at an auction, and showed it to 2 dealers who both said it was from the 1890's. From what little bit that I'm reading, you need to go a bit more indepth than just looking at it. You need to remove the grip, etc etc etc. I'm looking to re-sell, and need to find the year, model and variation for resell purposes. And so, I'm researching, and from my research, I think that mine is the third model, but I'm not certain, and need to know what year this is. I'm going to attempt to give you all information that I'm reading in other websites as to which model and variation this is:
    This is the 3 1/4" barrel 5 shot hammerless Iver Johnson .38 caliber top break. The grips are black rubber, and the owl is facing or looking towards the shooter. I removed the left grip, and the numbers are: D24958 No safety latch on the trigger, and I'm reading something about the number of pins on the frame, but am not certain as to are they referring to the 2 large pins, one slightly to the right of the grip, and other directly in front of the barrel. Then below along the base of the frame, there are 3 small, and 1 very tiny, pins.

    Thanks for your assistance, blessings, Shen
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    Welcome to TFF, and thanks for the detailed description.

    The dealers were wrong: It's a smokeless powder 3rd model made in 1911.

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