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I am grateful for all of the good information provided here by members of the Firearms Forum, someone out there may be able to help me a little more with a date of manufacture for an Iver Johnson Secret Service Special .38 top break. I have the serial number matching on the grip frame and bottom as 116562. I know this revolver was purchased and used by a family member (Police Officer) as a backup weapon. Thanks for any input!
Welcome to TFF.

Revolvers marked "Secret Service Special" were made by Iver Johnson and a couple of other companies for Fred Biffar Co. of Chicago, and it would be best if you post a clear photo of yours.

According to Goforth's book, those made by Iver Johnson were to be their standard U. S. Revolver Co. models, some with a unique safety, but the U. S. Revolver Co. serial number chart does not contain numbers larger than 100,000.

It may be that I. J. assigned a separate serial number block to the S. S. Special, now unknown.
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